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Description of WifiDroid - Wifi File Transfer

WifiDroid is a lightweight webserver-service with a small footprint that enables wireless transfer of files between your android device and your computer, connected to it on the same WiFi network. WifiDroid lets you stream your music and videos from your android device to your PC browser.View photos and files in a tabular form, upload and download files/folders without any restrictions, wirelessly. All this at no cost whatsoever.

Features include:

1.Simple to use web-interface to manage and view files.

2.Being lightweight, delivers results quickly.

3.Stream music,videos and media like camera shots and pictures through the browser.

4.Image Preview:mouse-over on any kind of image to generate a preview without clicking on the picture.

5.Click on any jpeg-image to start the image gallery.

6.Ability to queue multiple uploads.

7.Security being paramount,provision to secure-access with a password.

8.Change port settings,if port is already taken by some other device.

9.Optional vibration on service start/stop.

10.Service runs in the background to ease multitasking.

11.Thumbnails and album art for media types..

12.Designed to be easy to use and manage files effectively.

13.Wifi File Transfer, Wifi File Explorer & Wireless File Manager all rolled into one.

14.Links to view media like photos,videos and music.

15.Now includes a media player and audio player in the app to view your media in the same window.

16.Media player uses html5 with a flash fallback to support incompatible browsers.

17.Find any document,file/folder on your android device using the search feature.

18.Added a media rescan feature which updates the database when new files are added/uploaded to the sdcard.

19.Tested on IE(8 and above),Safari,Firefox and Chrome.

20.File filters to view only the media you need.Search by artist,album,image-type or video type.

21.Sort by date,file-size and file name for files and artist,album and album name for media .

22.Pagination to control the number of entries displayed in the table per page.

23.Drag and Drop File upload.

24.Works with hotspot mode enabled.

25.Encrypt your connection using SSL/TLS on public networks.

Many more features in the pipleine.

Any queries, feature requests or to report bugs, drop us a line at <a href=""></a>

PS:If the app does not work in your case please drop us a line mentioning the handset/tablet model at app displays ads which serve as some kind of incentive for the dev to update the application. Thank you for understanding.

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